28 June 2008

Things to highlight my day

Waking up at 5am to watch the LIVE webcast of SummerMadness..and crying at seeing Ryan be up there leading worship if only for a song...and seeing Fay pray for the main speaker Peter Greig (sp?) and spotting Joel, Emma and Mark in the audience at one point. It also was amazing to be able to 'chat' on the sidebar to Ronan (the guy running it) as well as those in the Admin tent who couldn't be in both places at once.

Taking my laptop into town with me..I took the LATEST possible lunch ever..well for me...at 1:43 pm so that I could go find free wifi near my work...at Wendys? of all places and eat while once again tuning into another live broadcast. Basically these 2 sessions got me through the day...

Ended up in computers....5 or 6 times...sold a huge Mac package..and stressed out because the ringing up part was not going well. Sold a bunch of iPods..now that they are in my dept...I'm glad I own one or I'd not have any way to answer customer queries.

Also..major news story..my GM came up and said to me..I emailed the girl in charge of schedules today (ok he used her name...lol) and you should be moving over in the next 2 weeks..we also hired 2 more girls to start with you. YAY! Then I was taking a cart of games to be cased through computers and the new senior stopped me and talked to me about it. Apparently I'm going to be an example to the girls and help them not be scared cause they are really new and I'm not. BUT we are doing mentoring so I'll have someone walking me through everything FINALLY and properly learn all about things we offer and the ones to recommend when ____. So am excited to properly be moving finally..after 3 months? Time has flown.

Babysitting my wee cousin Jacob, (who I have babysat since right after he was born pretty steadily, ignoring my year off in Norn Ireland and the past few months where I haven't. So I treated him to either a movie at one park or a movie at another. His friend was going to the one showing The Wizard of Oz so that's what we went to. I'm still sad though, because I haven't seen Flushed Away yet...oh well. He actually sat through the WHOLE movie and we talked about parts and wrapped up in my blanket. So next time I'm packing more warm clothing.

Oh and I talked to Richard..no...my wee lad Richard from Moneyrea...lovely guy. He wants to come to America for Uni and study law. So I was trying to point him in the right direction of looking for schools and seeking out International scholarships and info. Hopefully I'll remember to look up more stuff when I'm not going on such little sleep.

And after last nights 4 hours of sleep..and tonights...3 hours I'm about to get I am off to sleep.

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