15 June 2008

Things I forgot to say

So the past few days I've been asking questions to various supervisors, managers, etc about moving to computers since it still hasn't happened. I found out there were 3 part time openings and they were working on filling them. So of course I asked about them, etc. Finally action is being taken. Today I was called in to work in computers :) It was fun plus I learned some things and one of the guys sorta double teamed with me to answer questions I couldn't answer.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is that we have a meeting on Sunday morning at 7 am...and I didn't leave tonight til 11:35 or so. Plus after the meeting I have to kill time til I work (which was added to the schedule) from 1:30 to 8 pm. Then I turn around and open Monday...and close Tuesday and Wednesday. What's the deal?!

I have been listening to loads of music lately, specifically the following which I have bought or borrowed from the library:
1. Tim Fite - Fair ain't Fair (special ordered from Borders)
2. Painted Saints - The Bricks Might Breathe Again (bought at the show in Chicago)
3. Amendola, Goldberg & Hoff - (Plays Monk) - (also bought in Chicago at the show)
4. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
5. Wicked Original Broadcast Recording (from the library)
6. Princess Diaries 2 (from the library)

Plus yesterday I ordered XiuXiu's latest cd called Women as Lovers (plus I think I'll be getting a special edition with a dvd).

Since I need to be up early for the meeting I will bid you adieu :)

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