18 June 2008

The Mississippi and other flooding woes

So I was asked if I'm affected by the local flooding and I have to say no. The nearest it's affecting me is my dad's fields not quite being all dry and him having to wait to finish planting. I have co-workers who have had their cars flooded and basements too. We even had so many calls in to our the electronics store directly after the big flooding a few days ago that we had our Area Manager get us as many dehumidifiers as possible. I should explain that the AM lives in our area and it took him 12 hours to go and get them from where the flooding is even worse then it is in my area. We are even getting customers in from the west of us because they can't go to their own local store.

To share photos with you I'm linking this to my friends brothers page. He is constantly taking photos and they will explain better then I can how bad it is here.

If you want to donate to support the Des Moines Red Cross specifically in Iowa where the flooding is horrible please feel free.


Nicole said...

Hey Mel... is your friend's brother the photographer? He has a lot of great pictures up.

Just an FYI - The picture of the skydiver at the River Bandits game... that's MY brother. Well, it should be. I didn't confirm it but he's usually the one who drops in with the flag.

Nicole said...

Bah. I was wrong. My brother brought down the streamers this time and the owner carried the flag.