27 June 2008

the latest and greatest

There hasn't been much to write about since Thurs & Fri are my days off, I read 3 books yesterday and listened to Last FM on my playlist which was nice. You can find most any artist and add their songs to your list and then your playlist plays on shuffle and this is how I've been figuring out what artists I like. After listening to KEXP on a Sonny's recommendation I heard a bunch of songs I liked, but thought I'd try other songs by those same artists.

Here are some musician's you should try:
Mates of State
Midnight Oil
Mojave 3
The Wrens
Eagle Seagull
Pretty Good Dance Moves
Beta Band

Yup that's a long list. The best thing about Last.fm is that it compares the band you like to other similiar bands.

In other news, last nights thunder and lightning storm was ... close. I kept expecting the power to go out. My dads field looks like we have 2 mini ponds on it. Nothing on for plans today just going to hang out. Tomorrow I'm working for my supervisor so he can do Habitat for Humanity.

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