17 June 2008

Its not so bad

Tonight at work I ended up going between gaming, well mostly Nintendo because we actually received Wii's in stock. Oh...yes please everyone rush to our store on Wed morning because I only sold 6 of them..and we have about 9 left.

I ended up helping in computers for a while because I was walking by twice and there were people looking at Apple computers so I stopped and helped both of them. Ended up selling 2 Apples tonight :) That was fun! Then on my way back from my 2nd time of Apple I stopped to talk to a couple playing Mario Kart and they were like, no someone told us already you don't have Wii's. And I was like..uhh YES we do have Wii's. They are right down there. The lady ran down the aisle, and it cracked me up. So then I apologized and told them I had actually had announced it on the walkie talkie a few times but obviously everyone was ignoring me. So I ended up talking to the couple for 1/2 hour or so and then once again announced that YES we do have Wii's so please make sure you don't tell the customers the wrong info. Then I ended up helping 3 other customers lookinng for Wii's. I thought my throat was going to start hurting but I just ended up being thirsty. It was pretty fun and I'm hoping everyone is informed.

In between I had a customer looking for Rock Band for his Playstation 2, but could only find the drum kit separate, but no game on its own. So I went in back and opened a box that was off the truck of the full PS2 Rock Band and took him one. Made his night. Plus PS2 Rock Band is on sale for $99 so it's a bargain :)

I stayed later then I was scheduled to open all the boxes from the shipment that had come in. It was a decent truck night. Opened all but 4 boxes and sorted them into carts so in the morning they just have to drive the cart to the section and put things away. Even unloaded the 3 yellow totes we had of games onto a cart so they can be put away.

I was about to clock out and the manager came over and asked how many days I was working this week so I told him and he said he had heard I was looking for more hours and asked if I was interested in coming in possibly on Thursday for a few hours to be a CA. A CA is a Customer Assistant who helps in any department that needs help. So it's pretty neat that he recognizes that I am willing to help in different departments plus he said he'd try to get me scheduled in Computers a bit. I asked him if I could be trained a bit in Appliances since it's one department I'm not thrilled about assisting in if they are shorthanded since I don't know anything about appliances and the way they ring them up, etc. So he's going to try to get me some training time there. YAY.

It's been a fun night.

Oh and I'm listening to Durable Goods on audiobook on my iPod. The reader is the same reader from another book that had the main character being a child. And I am still trying to remember it!


Sonny Amou said...

Hey Mel, you're not affected by any of the flooding, are you? I know you're east of the Iowa river mess, but thought I'd ask...it's an effing mess in IA. Course, you know that...

Pax, SA

shot in the arm said...

No I'm not affected. I'm still able to get to work, as the bridges are really high here. But you aren't allowed to be on the Mississippi on boat, tube or anything. It's really high and the water is up in the tree branches which looks really strange. People I work with, since I work in Iowa are affected by it. We have a few employees who have had the flooding get into their car or basements and we are set up at work now to take monetary donations for the Red Cross locally to help. It would affect me if I decided to drive up to Des Moines or Iowa City to see my friend or go shopping since the main Interstate is shut down. I'm not sure how the truckers are doing right now since that's the main road for them to use.