03 June 2008

The excitement of trains!

To recall what happened I'm going to share my amazing day!

6 am Woke up and got dressed, finished packing
6:30 am Drove to the train...1/2 hr late it was....started reading a book
8 am Train leaves for Chicago and arrives at 11 am after having completed a book
11:05 am Maggie and I see its raining so we get a cab to the hotel
11:12 am We arrive at the Hyatt...yup it rocked my socks :) WOO for nice 4* hotels
12:45 pm We ask the concierge about transportation and end up getting a free trolley and go down to the Art Institute, first stopping to buy another pair of umbrellas (we are starting a collection) and eating at Bennigans (where they have a new menu) I had lightly breaded shrimp with Guiness in the sauce that was coated on top of the breading. Not only is the entire Museum all moved around, they are building a new Modern Wing, the blue Chagal windows are in storage, the French paintings are on loan, and my favorite painting was one of the loaned pieces. Oh and the Georgia O'Keeffe paintings were in obscure places as well....grr
3 pm or so We walk through Millenium Park, no more rain, and I show her the Bean, and the bandshell, and we find out that Deathcab for Cutie has a concert tonight, so of course they were doing sound checks and setting up for it all around the area
Just after 3 we get back to our hotel, we walked there, and showered, ironed clothes and I talked to Allison about where the heck we were meeting, the time, and how to get there
6:25 pm After getting the train and bus and walking we finally find the restaurant, Graftons and meet up with 5 other Wilco fans for dinner...you'd have thought we've known each other for years the way we talked
7:35 pm We divide up into cars and drive a few blocks to Martyrs for the show
8 pm Show starts. There are 3 bands that play. Each of them good and different from each other. Louie attempts to learn how to use his digital camera, I show him what the problem is, and he buys us drinks. Chocolate Martinis...YUMMM!
Midnight After talking to the main guy from the first band, and buying 2 cd's I go stand with Maggie...who is waiting to talk to Nels. I make a choice and go back over and up on the stage and talk to the bass player Devin about his really neat stand up electric double bass. We had a funny conversation :)
Maggie came over and got me and said Louie was ready to leave so it was nice cause Louie gave us a ride to the train station. Then we got off the train and walked back to the hotel. It was the first time I've been in Chicago REALLY late at night when it's nearly completely dead and noone is about.
2 am After showering, much conversation, discoveries and laughter oh and packing, we finally got into bed.

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