20 June 2008

Customer Assistant

So I forgot to blog about it when I arrived home yesterday but being a CA was pretty fun. I got to walk around the 'track' of the store and talk to everyone I saw. The 'track' is the vinyl walkway that goes in a big rectangle around the store, and every corner of the rectangle has a big circle of a different color. I never noticed this til I worked at the store because we always have our morning meetings in the front left circle also known as the big yellow circle. The big red circle is back left where Home Theatre meets computers and gaming and to be honest I have no idea what the other 2 circles colors are. I was in Computers for a good amount of my day, which forced John (a computers guy) to ask me if I was in Computers today. No I said not computers. Media? he asked, nope not media either. hehe. I laughed and said, I'm a CA today. It was definitely different then what I thought. And I've discovered I need a bit of training in Car Audio as well. The only thing I was happy about was that noone called me to Appliances :) Cause really I can show you how to use them but I have no other info.

I mentioned the other day that you can donate to Red Cross...so hopefully you thought about it and did it :)

Last night...I read 2 books :) I am currently listening to Durable Goods on my iPod from the audiobook cd I borrowed from the library. You should read it, it's by Elizabeth Berg, who also wrote Joy School. Joy School is the other book I was thinking of that has the same 'reader' on the audiobook. Anyway, check out Elizabeth Berg. Her stories are well thought out!

Edit: Apparently you should read Durable Goods first, because Joy School is the sequel to it. I just found that out!!

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