04 June 2008

Black and white photos

Today was full of excitement and fun :) As well as 4 or 5 rolls of film that I now have to get developed.

9 am Alarm goes off...this after Maggie and I both woke up at separate times during the night thinking we were oversleeping.
10:00 am Maggie is ready to go...and I've been watching Reba on Oprah while I wait, so we head out, only stopping for Maggie to drop off the room keys, me to check in my bag so I don't have to carry it around all day, and oh yes, Maggie's morning coffee. Maggie gets in her cab and heads to the Greyhound Station while I go off on my day of adventure.

I put my camera around my neck/arm and had my small bag full of film, an umbrella, and money. Off I went, I decided to start off sticking to the river, then turned onto Michigan Ave and walked up towards the main shopping area. I decided to take photos of as many things as possible so it stretched me to look for things of interest. I even walked by the radio station and saw the lady whose voice I reckognize but have no idea what her name is. I stopped at Starbucks for a Mint Chocolate Creme and scone and continued walking til I got to the Apple Store where I stopped to use an iPhone and checked some email. After which I turned around and headed back. After crossing over the river, I turned right, took more photos of the Trump Tower and headed up the road to take photos of the 2 buildings in the insurance commercial as well as being on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot cd by Wilco :) The buildings being Marina Towers of Marina City.

Then I headed up the street towards Potbelly's, where across the street is my favorite chocolate shop called Ethel's. I stopped in and got some toffee pieces that I haven't even eaten yet. YUM
Then I headed over to Michigan Avenue, where I bought more black/white film, and walked over to the Park. I took photos, and walked through the entire park, crossing over on the Millenium Bridge? and then walked through where they were setting up for the Blues Fest this weekend. This meant the road was closed off, only open for pedestrians and bikers. So I walked ALL the way down to Buckingham Fountain and took a few photos, plus one of a duck in a massive puddle. After which, I walked over to Michigan and found a really neat fountain on the back of the Art Institute which had I not been walking I would never have found. I discovered a number of small intimate parks while I was walking so now I'm more inclined to walk around down there.

Let's see, I ended up back at Millenium Park where I decided to walk through the garden and take photos, then headed over to this, which I took tons of photos of, because there was water shooting out of it :)

1:09 pm After taking photos I went back to the hotel where I picked up my bag and then went outside and waited for the Trolley to take me to Union Station. It was a direct ride and FREE :)

2 pm This was where I got on the train, and got back around 4:45 pm which was a bit late and then drove quickly to work where I stayed til just after 10 pm.

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