18 May 2008

Yes yes I'm awake

So we got up and I had my waffle and we got our bill fixed because they were charging us more for the room then I had found it for online. Plus I had my original receipt when I booked the room so YAY for nice hotel guys.

I'm packed other then my computer. I'm really tired and my voice is hoarse and Maggie thought at breakfast that I was drinking beer (it was apple juice) lol. See how alert we both are!

I'm not excited to drive home but I might put it off and go to the local art festival in Jeff's hometown.

I'm recommending you download any of the songs off Mobile by Glenn Kotche's cd, he's an amazing drummer and I even got my photo with him last night!

1 comment:

Sonny Amou said...

Vitamin B is your friend, kiddo. Sounds like a lot of fun.