27 May 2008

Woe is not me

So here I was thinking something was going on, no the sign shop just is NOT busy. She literally has called people about jobs they wanted done only to be told they are 'waiting'. Waiting on what, we don't know. The economy only works if everyone contributes to everyone else. And next week I'm down to 15 hours. Yeah no joke, Mel will be broke. So tomorrow I'm working for George, hopefully that will get me a full tank of gas. I put more stuff up on ebay again.

So here's what I've accomplished so far this week off my list: (in blue italics)

  1. Call the sign job & find out what is going on
  2. Put away & organize my clothes, since some are STILL on the floor
  3. Put away all my toiletries from St Louis instead of keeping them on my floor
  4. Move my scrapbook containers out of the way
  5. Read the 2 newspaper articles that are currently awaiting my attention
  6. Re-load the audio book since I put it on here in the wrong order
  7. Complete reading my library books before they are due on the 30th. (Well I finished all my Evanovich books that I borrowed but still have a few other books to read)
  8. Putting more of my pile o' stuff on ebay to get out of here.
  9. Re-activating my Swaptree account and getting some of those books out of here, unless I can find a better way to sell the books I have. I did look into selling books online but they don't come up to much of anything. It would cost more to send them then to actually get any money off them.
  10. Work for George again and get the bank statements up to date
In other news, at work since we got ahead last night and put almost ALL the new product out bar about 50 cd's this morning there wasn't a lot to do. So I went in the back and cleaned one entire portion of our media area. It took me over an hour to do it and all the guys were joking with me about taking photos and how it would look bad again in 3 days. I ended up helping in computers for a while and learned how to place an order for customers to have it shipped to their home...it's a special type of order and the customer was really nice since it was taking me longer to do it since I hadn't done it before. I also helped in Home Theatre, Digital Imaging AND MP3 devices. It was an interesting day. Yesterday both the other guy who worked with me in media and myself ended up working in Car Electronics for a while since we had some customers over there and not enough workers in that area. I learned all about 2 stereos we have, and the fact that they make stereos with these 4" screens that even do GPS on them! How sweet is that. I've never seen an all in one unit like that so it was fun to play around with it and change the colors on the display :)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get gads done since I have nothing better to do. Maybe I'll even mow the grass :)

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sahmtoo said...

You really are diversifying your knowledge around the store. That could bode well for you in the future. The more you know about how different departments work or interact, the more valuable you are.

Hope the jobs and hours (or lack thereof) start working out for you!