25 May 2008

when all you've got to keep is strong

So tomorrow I've to call my sign job and see if she wants me to work for her...it's been a few weeks and I'm not sure what's going on with it. I'm hoping she does, as I enjoy having the 2 paychecks and getting paid weekly at this job, as it usually pays for my gas and a few meals.

Plus I need to start saving money for a few things:

  1. New windshield (mine cracked last March, it's been over a year now & it really should be replaced
  2. Taking the car to the mechanic, the back windshield wiper doesn't work & I'd like it fixed
  3. Frames for my signed & unsigned Wilco posters
  4. Scrapbooks and the clear plastic pages to put my completed pages in. I have over 20 pages that I completed in March that I have no room for in my current scrapbooks.
  5. Photos from previous trips overseas to print out and scrapbook
  6. Photos from trips around here to Chicago & St Louis to print out & scrapbook
  7. Las Vegas, we are hoping for a trip there next year to celebrate our 30th birthdays
Things to accomplish THIS week:

  1. Call the sign job & find out what is going on
  2. Put away & organize my clothes, since some are STILL on the floor
  3. Put away all my toiletries from St Louis instead of keeping them on my floor
  4. Move my scrapbook containers out of the way
  5. Read the 2 newspaper articles that are currently awaiting my attention
  6. Re-load the audio book since I put it on here in the wrong order
  7. Complete reading my library books before they are due on the 30th.
  8. Putting more of my pile o' stuff on ebay to get out of here.
  9. Re-activating my Swaptree account and getting some of those books out of here, unless I can find a better way to sell the books I have.
  10. Work for George again and get the bank statements up to date

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Sonny Amou said...

One word re posters: matting. It's all about the matting.
Matting matting matting.