14 May 2008

Today I...

1. Worked from 7 am to 11 am.
2. Asked my supervisor to call my cell on Friday so I know who got the job
3. Got gas and came home
4. Cleaned my room up, washed a few clothes, and organized my summer clothes better
5. Picked out clothing for my trip and packed it
6. Dressed up and went to my friends grandmothers' visitation
7. Got a migraine and came home
8. Am attempting to watch Bones from this week so I am all caught up, but still waiting for some of it to load

I had to actually call work today after I left because I forgot to give my supervisor my number. One of the guys who works customer service was all nice to me and asked me if I got the job, so explained to him about Home Theatre having an open position and not finding out til Friday. Plus now I'm getting up earlier then I was going to tomorrow because my mom's asked me to take her to the airport, she's going to my brother's graduation in Mississippi and my dad will be hunting so he can't take her. I was hoping to leave at 6 am but now I'm thinking I'll leave from the airport.

There are a few things yet to do, I need to find a cooler to take with me or buy one there. I might bring back my friend some spaghetti from the Spaghetti Factory since she and I both enjoy that place so much! I have to figure out the amount of time it will be safe though since I may go on Saturday for lunch there...and take it to the hotel and put in the fridge in our room. Hmm...we'll see. I also need to do the following:

1. Buy film for my camera (yup I'm old school I love my non Digital SLR Canon Rebel. WOO
2. Buy some snacks, NOT from a gas station
3. Go out to the car and get the post it note for me to remember something to take with me..that I can't remember
4. Look for my swimsuit...I just remembered that one
5. Pack my computer and cords
6. Pack a book or 2 to read during the trip
7. Pack my dominoes so we have a game to play at the hotel if we have free time.

I will be posting from down south...but I hope you all have something to look forward to this weekend as much as I do.

And for my friend, *special hugs* I hope this weekend you have a good time with your family and I'm sorry I won't be around for you! Give me a shout anytime!

Oh and a challenge for everyone: Take 5 photos of things you see/do this weekend and post them on YOUR blogs. I'll post photos when I can!

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