20 May 2008

Sorry I went a bit nutty

I'm still wrecked from standing so much and the lack of sleep since we were getting up early to run errands, grab food and get to the venue early. But now that I've worked 2 days I'm getting back to the grind. After getting home today I had lunch and decided to ride my bike to George's to work more on Quickbooks. It was approx. 3 miles and since I usually drive the gravel they had poured recently for a section of road didn't phase me, that is til I was attempting to ride a bike on it and just about going slower then what I could walk. Once I got to the house I almost fell over, my knees were so weak! I was glad to sit for a while and work. Then there was the job of riding home. Oh boy. It was windy today! Like being in Chicago and trying to walk through the wind...I was glad I had my iPod, and was listening to Delirious? on the way there and Jars of Clay and James Blunt on the way back. I needed strength music. I'm still finding it difficult to walk up the stairs but at least I accomplished a goal of 6 miles :) I only hope that the gravel gets decent tracks in it soon so the next time I ride over it goes better.

In other news, my Jeep has 2 tire rods that are going bad, and it is going to be fixed tomorrow and Thursday. If you are wondering what it sounds like, sometimes it's an old door creaking noise and other times it's a popping noise. I went against my better judgement and drove to St. Louis with it like that too. I'm pretty much the biggest daredevil in the family.

It's coming up to June, and it seems strange not to be planning my normal trip to Northern Ireland for SummerMadness. I still need to unpack and put my new cd's on my iPod. I bought one of Glenn's albums finally, the one called 'Mobile'. Then realized I should have looked him up while I was at Vintage Vinyl. I also bought a live Uncle Tupelo album, 'March 16-20 1992', an Autumn Defense album,'circles' and Wilco's 'Being There'. I am trying to buy all their albums since I was given copies by a friend so I could hear all of their work. I'm still in shock that I bought 3 of those albums at Vintage for $26! The book I bought at Subterranean is 'Faceless Killers' by Henning Mankell. And as is usually true for the books I enjoy, he's an author from another country, Sweden as it were. For whatever reason, I find I enjoy books by English authors mostly, but I love finding books by others as well. I haven't started it yet, but it's part of the Kurt Wallander Mystery series. I also bought a funky journal that lights up on the cover, but I need to take a photo to show since it's unique.

At some point I need to talk to the GM and ask about a full time position, as well as finding out how soon I get to change departments. I'm excited for tomorrow, hopefully I'll get to take a nap.

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