17 May 2008

Smoke and how i hate Missouri

So yesterday we did the following:

Woke up
Went to Target for snacks and a few items
Panera for take away breakfast YUM
Best Buy to replace my cell that died! And to get cd-r's so my friend can burn her photos from my laptop
The Casino Queen for photos and a walk around oh and some gift shop fun!
St Louis Arch for more photos and to take photos of different views across the river (including the smoke stacks that are on our Wilco St Louis poster
A Cafe where I met Beqi and had my dress pinned
The Pageant where we sat on my blanket and played dominos, read a book, talked to people and took turns going to shop at places, I bought a book at a local bookstore :)
After waiting in line 2 hours we got into the Halo Bar, which is part of the Pageant, and once again they only let so many people in, but tonight we stood in line and people on both sides of us were smoking. I couldn't find anywhere with clean air in that space and it was REALLY annoying. Then they let us in to the Pageant where a guy behind me was smoking a small cigar..yeah he went on to smoke THROUGHOUT the concert. He even burned a girl to my left, and I was glad it wasn't me. Oh and yes, we were in the same spots again, right up front of Jeff.

We took photos and well I got my poster signed after the concert, so I was quite happy about the whole night, even though we both came back and took showers again because we smelled so horrid. I'm pretty sure my car smells by this point!

Oh, here are the photos, these are from Maggie's camera, but I took some photos on my camera too but it has film!
1st: me outside the Casino Queen
2nd: Me, my friends Robin and Brian
3rd: Nels and myself
4th: Pat signing autographs
5th: Jeff, myself and Maggie :)

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