16 May 2008

Sleep..and the lack thereof

So after getting up at 3:50 am yesterday to take my mom to the airport, I drove to O'Fallon at about 6:15 am. It was a nice drive and the hotel is lovely. My friend and I took the train over to St Louis and found a lovely Noodle place to eat at before heading over to the venue where we stood in line for about 4 hours and met some people. They let us into the Halo Bar which is part of the venue and we stood in there for an other good amount of time. Being in the Halo is the way to get into the actual venue before everyone else. We were able to get up front against the barriers and be just to the left center by about a foot. It was a great place to stand and we took turns taking photos with my friends camera. It's now 9 am and we are up and have plans to go to St Louis Bread Co., Walgreens, Best Buy (my cell phone died, the screen lights up but I can't see anything) and we are going to the Casino Queen and then the Arch for photos :) Plus we are going to get my dress altered from the lady I bought it from and then we will be going to the venue to hang out again :) I'm so excited. My throat is killing me from screaming last night..but it's also hurting because people were smoking in the venue. Yup, it's MO and people can smoke inside...ewww! I had to take a shower when we got back to the hotel last night because I can't stand smelling like that.

Here is a photo or 2 of Wilco :)

1st is the line..we are 8 and 9 :) And it's myself and Maggie on the right in front of the Halo Bar.
2nd is my hand touching the front of the stage :)

3rd is Jeff Tweedy on Sunken Treasure :) 1st song of the night
4th is Nels Cline
5th is Pat Sansone doing one of his trademark windmills :)
6th is John Stirratt
Last is Glen doing his rock out pose before I'm the Man who Loves You

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