12 May 2008

Other things

So lately, I have been working a bit on making business cards. Seems like the thing to do since my mom is always recommending me to her co-workers at J.D.. So I came up with the following so far, but I may change them. I bought the cards already and they are double sided ivory.

This is the front side, it will have my full name and all the proper details on it.

So this is the back of the card...and the blue will match on both sides, thats something I'm still working on. I'm also trying to figure out if I'm covering all the odd jobs I do and hopefully they make sense. :)

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Michele said...

Hey Mel, thanks for your comment on my blog. My job is so crazy right now because my company has been acquired so none of us know if we'll have jobs next week. But it's nothing I haven't been through before so here we go again. I love the biz cards by the way : )