23 May 2008

Nothing like no work to cause boredom

Today was another day off so I decided to continue my tv show marathon and watch the Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy I missed last week...which made this weeks shows more understandable. I also watched ER from last week and decided to start plowing through the Wilco dvd's my friend lent me back in March. So I watched 'I Am Trying To Break Your Heart' with commentary which was helpful and I enjoyed hearing their comments and backround on what you saw on screen. I started watching the extra video footage but it was making me tired so I stopped. I called and my car was done at the auto shop so we went and picked it up. Now I can turn left and not hear creaky door noises or popping sounds :) Definitely an improvement.

I also called work for my schedule to find I'm working about 19 hours next week...WOO I may need to rest...haha. Plus it's all 3 days in row, Sun-Tues, although we have a meeting Sunday night so I'll be driving in twice since I work early in the morning and the meeting is at 7:30 pm. I'm not sure why we are getting so few hours since I was told by the GM that we have a full time position open.

I uploaded 3 of my cd's yesterday that I had bought in St Louis and have them on my iPod now. I listened to some of the Autumn Defense album today. It is very folk like...

I also got Aveeno Daily Moisturizer lotion with sunscreen today in the mail to try and give my comments on a website. They even sent me 5 samples for friends. It's pretty creamy, the only thing I noticed so far is that it does smell a bit like sunscreen. Plus I love lotion and sunscreen so it will be nice to try a combined product to see how it works. :)

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