07 May 2008

My interview readiness

So last night when I got home I sat here and came up with my list of goals, how to accomplish said goals as well as Ways to Drive Sales...I was able to have my friend read them and so I am pretty ready for this interview. Found out last night that apparently, YES it's good to dress up for said interview. I am starting to feel like this is pulling teeth to get information out of people about how these interviews work. My thoughts were, since I'm working from 2 to 10 tonight and my 'view is at 3 I should just wear my work clothing, because heaven knows I didn't want to get in trouble for not being dressed right, but no, you are allowed to dress up for your full shift if you are doing a 'view. Sweet thanks for my supervisor telling me that, only because he said he was dressing up, he is doing the 'views along with the computer supervisor, another supervisor and a manager. Since there are 2 spots open in 2 different dept's they are working together to interview us. There are 3 of us interviewing for Computer Senior and at least 2 I know of interviewing for Media Supervisor. So I'm glad one of the supervisors offered to mentor me the other night, the questions he asked me helped me come up with a good deal of what I put on the sheet I will add in below, as well as knowing I should put it all on paper, from a co-worker who is interviewing for the Media spot, and dressing up from my supervisor. At this point I feel 1/2 ready, and feel like I'll get there and they will ask me for more stuff I don't have because I have no idea about it. It really feels like the training I got when I started working here, but oh well. I was also smart and asked one of the computer guys how he felt about the dept last night, after letting him know I'm going for the spot, he was excited for me, and gave me 2 ideas.

Anyway, here's what I have so far, I need to shower and pick an outfit too! Scary biccies (bick-ees) a total Irish term there...lol
This is what I wrote up for my interview today. It's a bit long sorry! Oh and I do apologize the formatting I had changed when I put it here, but I do have it numbered and it looks pretty in Word.

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1. For computers to be a more cohesive group of employees.
2. For there to be a better plan/more coverage on Saturdays
3. To utilize Geek Squad and for all computers employees to have a good idea of the services we offer and how to offer them
4. To utilize passing our guests over to Geek Squad when it comes to using the Geek Squad endcap
5. For computers to have a better idea of where laptops are located and keep them in that order
6. For employees to be able to give examples of how they use the items we can ‘basket sell’ alongside the computer purchase
7. For the computer employees to meet regularly as a group for basic training, discussion of new products, and to be able to use products so we become familiar with them rather than just being able to list off how the item works/it’s uses.
8. As a team, discuss what everyone’s strong suits are, and be ready to utilize that when working together.

How I intend to accomplish these goals:

1. Get together and get to know each other.
2. Work out the schedule for more coverage within the department, so we aren’t relying so heavily on CA’s on one of the busiest days of the week. Look at our sales, and see what the peak hours are, such as morning/afternoon, or afternoon/evening.
3. Have meetings with Geek Squad and start lines of communication with GS, so we can come up with ways for better communication between us, as well as possibly having a GS member wear a walkie talkie in order to help us communicate better.
4. Again, meet with GS and come up with ideas of how we can tag team in order to get our guests the computer they want as well as making it an easy transition for all their programs to work/be installed, as well as showing them our services available in home. Start job shadowing days, where computer workers go on ride-alongs with GS to see how we do things in home for support. Find out from both computers and GS members what has/hasn’t been working and find ways to change that.
5. Label the cages underneath laptops as well as in the Warehouse, and stick to the plan. Noone should have to run back and forth to find a laptop. We want to cut that time down, so we are spending more time with the customer, and not using up so much time looking for the keys as well as the computer.
6. At a computer employees meeting, have the group think about the products they use and talk about how they benefit from them. Sharing this knowledge will allow other computer employees to have an even bigger base of ‘basket items’ that they can recommend.
7. Spending time before we open or after we close, using the Mac’s with the different programs we have for customers to buy, as well as working on photo shows/videos on them, to see how easy it is to use the programs, this way we can better explain the ease of use to our guests.
Also, we could spend time using the ‘basket items’ such as the fan devices for laptops, the lap desks, external hard drives, and mini video cameras, so we can see the range and how these items work in day to day living. We could also call and schedule trainers/vendors to come in and work alongside us (Computer employees, and CA’s) to give a class and teach us about these items/computers. With them working alongside us, we would be more knowledgeable and have better references for how things work and are used.
8. During a meeting we could discuss what our strong suits are, this way, if we are uncertain or would like to double check we would have a better idea of who to turn to for an answer. This would also be great, if we could meet with the CA’s and find out what their knowledge is for backing up.

Driving Sales:

1. Having a better knowledge of our products, especially those we can ‘basket sell’ as well as being able to work together with Geek Squad and knowing our services
2. Making sure we build relationships and give the guest the time they need to decide and ask questions instead of simply answering questions will help them feel more comfortable and be able to trust us so they return
3. Talk up our services, and talk about our classes at the library, as well as our Geek Squad coming to their home to set up and install programs
4. Have brochures/flyers available at the register/customer service for guests to have when they leave, so they can read about our services, etc if at the time of purchase they don’t want to purchase them
5. Keep an eye on local events, if there is a way to incorporate GS into them, to represent and assist or teach a class, Seniors travelling groups, pre-college electronics classes, explore GPS units and their ease of use with parents of new college kids
6. Put some of the accessories on display/have them working, ie. Mini video cameras on desktop computers, laptop fan systems on, a chair for people to sit in with a lapdesk so they can try out the weight of laptops they are looking at, or a photo printer hooked up alongside a digital camera and computer to show how easy it is to transfer photos and print them.

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