07 May 2008


It went a LOT better then I expected, but really I was unsure of how it would go to begin with. The first 3 questions were the hardest, and they wanted examples of things that had happened/how I dealt with them, etc. They took turns asking the questions and the last question was answered by basically me talking for a good amount of time and giving all I could to it. Throughout the questions at least 2 of the supervisors would say 'Good Answer'. So it was encouraging! The Manager who asked that question said when I was done, 'Well Mel don't feel that you have to hold back'. He was joking and it was pretty funny! I talked about some of my goals/ideas for some of my answers, but wasn't able to cover them all. I took in a copy of my goals/ideas/sales drivers for them each to have one, so they looked them over a bit beforehand and were going to read them more after. I talked to some of the others, because we were all dressed up and it was easy to figure out who was interviewing today, although it goes on tomorrow and Friday as well. Sorta like a mini date night or something, the guys looked so nice! So we find out Sunday or Monday who got the 2 spots.

Workwise, it was a strange night, I ended up helping out in Computers, Cell Phones/MP3 devices AND digital cameras. Sold a camera and flash, 2 mp3 players and an Apple laptop :)

Check out Naomi Novik for books, she has a great set of 4 books out that I love!! And have a listen to NPR in your area on a Friday or Saturday and find the Sound Opinions show, it's a great music review show, actually the ONLY music review show in the country I think.


Nicole said...

Keep us posted on the news!

shot in the arm said...

I will. They even added a 3rd Senior Spot in the Home Theatre department, so I'm not sure how they are handling that because only Friday interviewees knew about that, and some people would like to go for that spot as well!