01 May 2008

I'm sure you are excited to hear

That last night I was able to finish the TV dvd's as well as the Blu-Ray discs being moved :)
So my supervisor worked last night too, and he is going to move the baskets of new releases today hopefully. Then we will be all set for moving the shelving units around so that we have more space for games.

We also had a new employee start last night and apparently there have been a few more hired. YAY! Moving to computers soon I think.

Forgot to take the camera, remembered 1/2 way to work, in order to take photos of baskets, shelves and ladders.

Today is apparently a day off, no sign job, so maybe I'll wash my clothes and continue to put my summer clothes away. Have a fun day all!

Check out music by Whiskeytown, their album Pneumonia is great! If you have time watch Ratatouille. It's a great movie anyone can enjoy!

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