17 May 2008

I love WILCO and Nels loves us too

So some of you have been praying/thinking of me for a certain topic. I got the answer this morning but I didn't answer because it was Maggie's turn to use the computer before we left. We were running behind. Anyway, I didn't get the position. My supervisor wants to review how things went and help me get trained in Computers. I hope this actually happens since I've been waiting a month now and I'm excited about the new challenges of a different department.

Tonight rocked. Here's our itinerary.

9:59 am: Mel wakes up....OH CRAP the alarm didn't go off...checks phone...yup it's the right time...Maggie....waaaaaaaaaaake up! *I mess with the alarm....ohhhh Maggie turned the volume down yesterday and I didn't check that...OOPS! So no breakfast with the lovely waffle maker today.
11:00 am: We leave, go to Target to get baby gifts for another Wilco fan, it was fun to pick out some items :) Then we got Starbucks...and headed to St Louis.
12:00 noon: Okay seriously WHY is there a hold up on the bridge..come on people drive your cars so we can get to the venue and get in line!
12:45: *As we wait to turn the corner, 'Maggie do you see a line? ' 'No I don't see too many people' As we drive by, 'Oh I think we will be closer then we were the past two days' 'No let me count...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6....hmm I think we are in the same spots Maggie.
12:50 pm: As we settle in to our spots, on my blanket with our books and snacks, we decide we should go look for food for Maggie, and I am DYING to go the local record store.
1:15 pm: 'Oh that store looks interesting let's check it out.' That item in the window, I want a smaller one for Nels' I end up buying a journal type book that you can press a button and parts of the cover light up. Maggie wants to get a journal and make it a Wilco mini book....OOO that's a good reason to get a light up cover journal :)
1:30 pm: We see the record store. We check in our purchases from the previous store and head straight for rock cd's where I locate the Wilco cd Being There for a bargain at $8.99 for a double cd set :) Then I head over to Autumn Defense and find only one cd so I get "circles", oh Maggie found The Nels Cline Singers, they only have the cd I have. We end up looking through U2 for Maggie which is next to....Uncle Tupelo cd's where we both pick up the 2 copies they have of "March 16-20, 1992". Sweet...a bargain at $26 :) We looked through the records but they only had one album for Wilco and it wasn't one I had to have. I talk to the nice man ringing me up, and find out I can order music and they will ship to me. YAY for supporting the local record stores.
1:50 pm: We head to Chipotle for Maggie to grab lunch.
2:00 we grab water for a fellow Wilco fan.
5:00 pm: Into the Halo Bar, into the new line for getting into the Pageant.
7:00 pm: We head into the Pageant grabbing our places to stand once again in front of Nels and proceed to rock out. It was fantastic. Plus tonight we met a LOT of members off the ViaChicago site.
11:40 pm: Concert is over...after another night of multiple encores. We head to my car for a short break, I sit, drink water, we grab our items for signing, plus our handy permanent markers which we proceed to once again share with others in line.
1:35 pm: We get back to the hotel after driving home to a great radio station and having stood in line outside for autographs, where I was able to get my St Louis poster signed and get more photos :)

I will post more photos soon.

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sahmtoo said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get the job, but at least they're training you so you'll be ready for the next opportunity!

As for the concert, sounds like you had a very busy day and a blast!