19 May 2008

Forgotten moments from Poppy

So I'm totally copying some items from Poppy because I forgot to post them, what with my being 1/2 awake and running on adrenaline the entire weekend. I remembered one for Saturday by Mikael. What a funny guy!

  • I met Maggie at the hotel and within an hour we were at the train station heading over in the rain to the Pageant
  • Maggie and I walked the wrong way from the train and ended up at a Family Dollar and bought umbrellas since it was raining on Thursday
  • We were starved so we stopped at an amazing noodle place and ate lunch while getting to know each other :) By time we got to the venue (2 pm or so) we would start what would become a trend for us ending up 8th and 9th in line...every night!
  • I slugged Poppy in the arm in my excitement forgetting she had gotten a tattoo a week earlier...
  • I finally met Poppy's husband :) He's so sweet!
  • I introduced myself to one of the 2 photographers for Wilco and he was so nice to me :) He even told us on Saturday that the set list still had 6 more songs on it when they left the stage...and yup it was their 3rd encore...they totally got some people anxious as they turned on the house lights for a short time. Plus I found out that the 2nd photographer was a Wilco photographer and that all the shots he had taken of the crowd (Maggie and myself in a number of them) would be on the website.
  • There was a group of people behind us in line in the Halo bar who were chain smoking, and there were some guys in front of us in line who were also smoking..so much for having clean air to breathe.
  • Then we got IN the club and some guy behind me to my left was smoking cigars, ended up burning the girls shirt next to us.
  • We had a screamer...well it was more like a dog pitch whistler who Jeff commented on and then security talked to her. Why they didn't kick her out I don't know.
  • Bought the St Louis poster
  • Poster from Residency signed....My new Sharpie is held by all the band members..


  • Seriously starting to wonder WHO picked the opening band...really the earplugs Maggie brought were the best part of that portion EVERY evening.
  • Maggie calculated that we stood for about 36 hours (outside bar/venue, inside bar, inside venue, out back after shows 2 nights) out of the 72 hours for the 3 days of shows. No wonder my feet hurt..and my back..and my neck from looking up.
  • Maggie waved at Nels who waved back, whom I saw waving and waved at him, and he looked at me and waved. Had to be the best part of the whole night :) Or maybe a close 2nd to...
  • Getting to get a photo with my drumming hero Glenn who rocks out. I love that he creates his own pieces to add to his kit, like a wedding gift that was a fruit basket...yes he uses it to make music!
  • Meeting even MORE Wilco board fans..yup I think I met nearly ALL the main characters. It was funny going back to the hotel each evening and seeing the total lack of posts since everyone was in St Louis.
  • Bought the mis-spelled shirt, which until we pointed this out to Jeff and the tour manager Abigail, they had no idea...and then told us they were special edition.
  • Got myself a St Louis Wilco shirt
  • I decided living on the same street as the Pageant would be fun, I love all the shops there, especially the bookstore and Vintage Vinyl.
  • Mikael making noises while using my Sharpie. He kept clicking it opened and shut and making funny sounds and said something along the lines of, wouldn't it be cool if all markers made noises when you clicked them open and closed.

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