05 May 2008

Crazy me

So last week I found out there were 2 open positions at work: Media Senior and Computers Senior. These are full time jobs and you would be 2nd in command under that departments supervisor. I figured it would be a learning experience because not only do I interview for the position, I need to come up with a plan of how to make things better in the department as well as working with Geek Squad. Oh, I put in an application for the Computer Senior. These positions are open for anyone to apply, since they look for a lot of different qualities in the person they will hire. Plus they will have a full time position or two after figuring out who the new Seniors will be so there are still openings for full time. Anyway, tonight I told a supervisor for the head of customer assistants about how I applied, and had found out my interview is on Wednesday at 3. So he was nice enough to offer to ask me some questions and mentor me a bit in what I would need to have ready for the interview. Oh, and I think he is one of the people who will be sitting in on the interview. I believe there is a small group, made up of the Gen. Manager, a Manager, the Computer Supervisor and the CA Supervisor.

I don't know who or how many people have applied for this position nor do I think I will get it, but I figure it will be a good experience for applying for a full time position later on. So tomorrow I'm writing up a plan of action and goals. That should be thrilling!

Book to read: Before the Knife by Carolyn Slaughter (I had to order mine used but it's a great book) and listen to Fleetwood Mac..any album!

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