26 April 2008

Trust in the workplace

Wednesday I took my iPod with me into work, as I always do, I put it in my bag, along with my planner, hand lotion, keys and extra shirts, since I changed when i got in there into my work shirt. I worked from 1:30 to 9:30 pm and at the end of my shift, I walked out to my car, on the way out I couldn't located my iPod in my bag. Well, sometimes it's hard to find because when I walk and try to find things in my bag everything gets moved around. I dumped it out on the passenger seat in my car and nothing..it was gone. I looked around in my car, and drove over to the front doors and asked them to let me back in. I walked around to the places I had been before I left and nothing, no iPod anywhere. My iPod was stolen from my bag at work. I was so stunned that on the way home it took me about 1/2 the trip home to realize I was driving around 50 mph instead of 58 mph as I normally do. Finally I put the car on cruise so I would get home somewhat soon.

It wasn't the fact that my iPod was gone, luckily I had figured out a way to upload all the music from it onto the computer, so I still have everything, it was the fact that I can't trust the people I work with. I mean at least if I had left it in my car I'd have insurance on it, or if I had put it into a locker and locked it...I'd still have it. The only thing that made me feel somewhat better is that I have Apple gift cards saved up for a laptop I want to buy, so I was able to go ahead the other day and order a new one online. It's in Indiana as I write this, coming on Fedex to me.

This morning at our quarterly store meeting, I was surprised when they brought up the theft issue we are having in our store. I'm the first 'object' they've stolen. But they've stolen money from various employees as well as 2 debit cards along with my iPod. There was a lot said, but it's being taken seriously. Which was good to hear. After the meeting, one of the girls, who works in the Admin office came up to me and said she was sorry to hear about it, that she'd only been told today, and that she was one of the 2 that got their debit card stolen. She also told me that she knew about the theft that had been going on, and had been keeping cash in her pocked, but left her debit card in her purse. Yup....so I didn't feel so dumb about thinking I could trust people if I brought my belongings into the store. Now I feel like I will just be bringing in my keys and leave everything else out in my car.

In other news, I talked to a manager today and he helped me get my Learning Paths set up, and showed me how to find them on the computer. Learning Paths are courses/questions you work on when you have time to learn about your department. Some are mandatory some aren't. I asked him to show me how to find the computer ones so I could be prepared to make the move over there, plus I wanted to be doing them before I move so that I wouldn't have to do a bunch all at once. They hired one person already for media, and she had orientation today. There are a few others at work that are going to be moving around so there is a lot of transition going on. This week alone I'm getting 27.5 hours since we are so short on people in our department. Monday and Tuesday I'm working nearly full days, Wed night I'm working along with a full day Saturday. Will be a nice paycheck that's for sure.

Oh and the iPod I ordered will be better/different from the one I had before. The one I had was 30gb black. Now though the standard size of a classic iPod is 80 gb and I decided to go with silver this time. I looked at them today at work and looked at cases for them. We get a really great discount on the cases for them :) So hopefully my iPod will be here on Monday when I get home :)

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