22 April 2008

This won't be exciting, but just so I can keep track

Sunday - I moved dvd's: War/Western, Martial Arts, Collector Sets for one aisle, skipped the Anime aisle, and moved about 1/2 of Action. By the time I came in today Action was finished, Musicals and Latin had been moved and Drama had been started. I have to admit I'm a control freak..and so yes I redid what had been done to Drama. I will probably mess with Action if I have time in the next few times I work.

Today I got all the movies out and then worked on games. Well, I worked on Wii games. I ended up redoing the ENTIRE Wii section. We had one section that was previously Xbox (old regular Xbox, not the Xbox 360). Well it was empty and looked really horrible. Also, we have not had enough room in Wii (or any of the other game sections) so I thought I'd take initiative. I like that word, cause frankly I take initiative a lot. It's one of my strengths, it's the one thing I usually remember to say when asked that in job interviews. So I unhooked the 'basket' off that section, which is all the way to the left on the Wii side of the aisle. The basket is the metal piece that holds the games. Then I took down all the Xbox signage and started moving all the Wii accessories to the left. Next, I hooked the 'basket' in to where I had previously had the accessories. I went to the back and brought out all the Wii games that were extras, because we had about 6 games that we have a large quantity for, plus I grabbed the cards that we put the sticker prices onto, and the price gun. So surely but slowly I started moving all the games over, scanning the games that needed more labels or new labels and worked my way over. Not sure how long this took. But after I finished all our games were out and the section is now big enough for us to add to.

Then I decided I would work on the other side of the aisle, the Nintendo DS section. Well the aisle actually holds NDS games, Gameboy Advanced games and Playstation 2 games. So there is a lot to see. The end of the Wii side also contains NDS accessories, which makes no sense because you have to turn around everytime you want to show customers the accessories. So seeing as we had space at the end of the DS section I moved all the DS games down so we could empty out the first DS section which would be on the left end of this side of the aisle. After that 'basket' was emptied I took it down and moved the DS accessories over so they are on the same side of the aisle. Then I called a co-worker over and asked for ideas. So she thought we should move the Gameboy Advanced games over to where the DS accessories were so we could move the DS games down again and have space to add in if we need to. After I moved the GBA games it was time to go, so she was going to continue working on it.

YAY go us. So hopefully soon the movies will all be moved so we can add to our gaming aisles. My hope is that we will be able to keeper all the games that are supposed to be keepered to prevent theft. YAY for prevention.

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