04 April 2008

State of surprise

Lately things have been so...strange.

With 3 people moving around/leaving media at our electronics store store I decided to say something about more hours..so voila Mel is getting more hours. PLUS they actually did this coming week and the next weeks schedules. WEE for having the ability to plan for a life. Plus I'm back to 2 normalish days at the sign shop..and my paycheck today was lovely and made me happy.

In Wilco news I didn't get online at the electronics store but came home early today from work and managed to pick up 2 tickets for the 3rd show. Now to find someone who wants to go to that night :)

My sleep schedule is still off, I went to a friends last night and we played scrabble and had some drinks so I was up later then I should have been. I'm ready to sleep now and it's not even 6 yet.
I'm enjoying the nicer weather we've had recently..at least it's heading in a better direction with warmer temperatures.

I forgot: music to try for today is Whiskeytown...specifially their Pneumonia album :)

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