08 April 2008

Sitting in the library

It was a long weekend. I worked Sat and Sun at the electronics store and then yesterday woke up to see my mom's request to phone her friend up. Phoned her and found out that she was having issues creating her church's new directory. She was using the program provided by LifeTouch. I told her I'd shower, dress and be right over. So spent from 12:15 to 7 or so helping her set up the directory, picking layout pages, cropping photos, scanning photos and helping her learn how to use her shared drives between her desktop and laptop computers. Plus she fed me lunch and dinner which were both really good! After I went by Kathy's to say hi, since I had seen her earlier on our trip to the grocery store, she had been out walking. She showed me all her flowers, which was pretty fun, I didn't realize she has a freakin' massive yard!

I got home and found out we didn't have internet. I'm not sure what's going on so I'm waiting for the man to fix it tomorrow. So I'm at the library on my laptop using free net :)

At the electronics store they had an open position for Full Time in my dept. and I had to decide by this morning if I was going to apply. So yes, benefits, higher pay, more of a leadership position, 5 days a week. But, that would mean I'd be working 7 days a week, since I work at the sign shop and I LOVE that job, so I wouldn't give that up. I made the decision that I wouldn't apply because I am getting more hours and will next month. Apparently, this is our slow time and we get busier next month. Must be since everyone has their tax money back they come buy electronics. WOO. So we'll see what happens.

update: i have 2 more photos posted of my brother and I from when he was here a few weeks ago in that post....My most recent trip to Chicago.

Listen to Keith Urban's new album. It's pretty good :)

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