30 April 2008


My schedule has been a bit wonky lately. I was working a lot and then last week I ended up not working my sign job so I had Thursday AND Friday off. It was a bit strange to have 2 days to do as I please. On Thursday I washed clothes and on Friday I cleaned some of the house. The floors look nicer now that there isn't dust everywhere :)

Today I don't work til 4 pm at the electronics store and I'm hoping to move the rest of tv show dvd's over a row and start on the Blu-Ray discs. I'm nearly done moving all the dvd's over. Yesterday a co-worker showed me where more new clear plastic shelving was. A lot of our current shelves are broken so I'm replacing them and resetting them as I go. The dvd shelving is 3 parts. One is the actual metal shelf that you fit into the slots on the shelving row. Then there is the clear plastic bit that is on the front, so the dvd's don't fall onto customers as well as at each end of the shelf. It's really hard to describe. Then there are snaps. The metal shelves have a lot of small round holes in them and the plastic shelves have 8 holes in them. So the snaps are the small pieces that you push through from the top of the plastic to the metal shelf. Trying to get the snaps out is not always easy, as is in evidence by the small bruise I have on my right hand. I really should take photos tonight to show you. I have gotten rid of around 30 plastic shelves in the past week since there are so many that have gotten broken.

In other news, on Sunday we had at least 60 Wii's. They were in the ad. Yup, guess what question someone phoned in to ask on Monday? Do you have any Wii's?! Oh boy. It took all day to sell them too. I was called in to work at the registers since someone phoned in sick. Apparently it's good to get a protection plan on them since we have had several returned. Shock to me actually. The system I always recommend having a plan for is the Xbox 360.

In other news, Mario Kart is apparently a wonderful game, and you can play people in other countries as well as your own friends. The only downfall of this, playing your own friends I mean, is that you have to know your 11 digit code for them to find you. Also, WiiFit is coming out soon. I basically want to buy a Wii just for this 'game'. Here's a video of what you can do. I found this from work when we found Nintendo had sent us small pins to wear with a random photo of a white stepper like item on it. I thought perhaps it was just a new version of a step, remember those? Where you step up and down and step up and kick and do random exercises? Well the WiiFit is slightly different, and actually a well thought out exercise/fun item for all those who enjoy moving around.

I'm still working on the new iPod...I still need to fix The Spiderwick Chronicles since somehow I managed to cut off 1/2 of the 5th book! Let me tell you that it was very sad to be driving to Des Moines in March and be listening to it, thinking I would be hearing the entire thing, and have it cut off 1/2 way through. Plus I borrowed Mary Kay Andrews new book Deep Dish on audiobook and need to upload that to listen to as well.

I should be leaving soon for work, so have a wonderful day :)


Nicole said...

I preordered the WiiFit from Amazon a while back and was quite disappointed to hear it was backordered. I also ordered the ski game that can be used with it. But I'm really excited about just having it for the fitness aspect with the yoga and pilates stuff.

shot in the arm said...

Yes, the accessories I found on our store webpage were a yoga mat, to put your step on as well as a clear rubbery type slipcover, the same as the slipcovers you can buy for the remote and nunchuck so as to have a better grip on them. The rubber slipcover is supposed to help keep you gripped on the WiiFit as well as prevent falls :) I don't know if we are backordered, but since we have pre-orders for it and each store has about 25 to 30 of those I'm hoping we will get that amount in if not more. But we had tons of Mario Kart and now they are all gone!! Only took 3 days to sell out.