01 April 2008

no news

Haven't had much to update about lately. I was waiting to find out when the 3rd show of Wilco in St Louis was going to go on sale, finally found out Sunday or Monday that they will be on sale tomorrow morning for pre-sale which is cheaper then getting them through ticketmaster on regular sale..by at least $10..so that just tells you how much TM upcharges for no apparent reason. So since I have to work at BBY 2moro I will be taking a short break to purchase a ticket. Fun times to wear my coat in the store so I can use a computer without having customers ask me questions.

On Saturday night and tonight I've had migraines, and then felt like crap for the past few days so I have been taking a lot of naps and my sleep schedule is completely screwed up. Saturday night I barely slept, probably because of the migraine meds having caffeine in them. So Sunday when mom woke me up saying I had a phone call, I really was awake and heard her come in my room. I was soo tired at work, unfortunately they called me in to work at the registers, so someone went home with a free x-box. But I figured it out and they were able to call the customer and have him come back in to fix that ... big mistake.

In other news, last week my cell phone company took 2 payments off my debit card so there went all my money. I'm still waiting for the money to be put back on my card for the mistake.

Check out the Fray. They are a good band, and are calm but still a bit rockish too. Also, read Love Walked In by Marissa de los Santos, someone sent me their copy to read and after the book being on the best sellers for ages, I finally read it and decided I should have read it ages ago.

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