21 April 2008

My work schedule and other strange tales

So between working at the electronics store and the sign shop I've not had many days where I actually had a whole day off. Today is the first true day off, and it's really tempting to call the sign shop and ask if she needs me to work today, even though my bedroom needs a good cleaning, as well as laundry that could definitely be washed. Course sitting on the couch being lazy isn't getting any of that accomplished right?

Lately the electronics store has been calling me when I'm not there to ask me to work. This includes last Sunday which should have been a day off, but I ended up working anyway. So I am working on saying 'no, i can't come in tonight/day'. As an added bonus, my supervisor told me yesterday we had in fact hired one new young lady to our department. Hopefully they will hire at least one more person, since we have in effect, lost 3, one to Arizona, one to another department, and one to travel soccer.

I worked both Saturday and Sunday which was tiring, because I had to be at work at 7am Sat/6am Sunday. OUCH. Especially since my friend and I went out on Saturday night, and after getting home from being in a smokey place, eww I can NOT go to bed smelling of smoke, I showered, so only was able to sleep 5 hours.

Both days went pretty well though, and I had some great customers in the computer department. Weekends we get hit hard with customers interested in computers or computer products. Saturday I learned more about what services we offered, namely because a customer asked me about optimization for his laptop that he was going to purchase, and I had no idea what he was talking about. But I usually reply quickly with, oh we will just go ask the Geek Squad then, and see what we can do for you. Sure enough, optimization means you can pay $29.00 for GS to remove all those horrible trial programs that come on your computer. So I was able to apply that to my next customer, who was looking for a desktop to do work on, she got the optimization as well as virus software installed for her by GS. Fun times. Explaining all about the software, optimization and warranty information put me over by about 20 minutes from when I was actually supposed to have left.

Sunday was interesting because I actually worked with my supervisor and was able to start moving all our dvd's over. We are getting rid of one entire shelving unit in order to add on to our gaming section since it is not big enough. After visiting the IL store on Friday I realized they have more space for gaming then we do and more of their games are able to be keepered so they can't be stolen. Gotta love being excited about preventing theft right? I'm just tired of finding games opened in Anime. Yup, if you want to steal, the popular place is Anime movies. But maybe I've said that before.

Anyway, I moved, War/Western Movies, Martial Arts, and Collector Sets. That filled one entire aisle. It also created a hole an aisle over, where I removed WW and MA, directly after the Action movies. So I reset the shelves before I moved the movies. You can move the shelving plastic pieces in and out to fit more movies facing out. I was able to complete moving 3 full shelving units of movies down the aisle before computers needed assistance. So I spent the next hour 1/2 over there helping customers.

Should add, that helping customers in Media takes about 5 - 10 minutes normally. Unless they are buying a gaming system, and that requires more time. Computers however, is probably a 30 minute job if not longer, per customer/couple. There are many more questions and you want to make sure they are getting whatever will work best for their needs.

Oh, I also learned on Sunday that you need at least 2GB DDR2 to play games on a laptop. And you definitely want a graphics card as well. So see, now I've learned 3 things in one weekend.

So, on Saturday, K and I went out to the Rhythm City Casino. K will be the first to tell you that she's going to get me all excited about gambling, but no I don't think so. This is the 2nd time we've gone somewhere to gamble, as K really enjoys going but I have never really wanted to. But I've tried it and I guess I figure there are funner ways to spend my time. But K had not gone in 2 weeks? and she kept doing things I wanted to do, like play scrabble, or watch movies and just eat while we watched the Biggest Loser. Yes I know that's totally contradictory but it's not like K and I are worried about our weight. Anyway, as per usual (ie. both times I've gone with her) I went up higher then what I started with and ended about $0.14 less then I started with. K however ended with an even amount and I'm not sure what she started with. Was funny though, because she told her boss that we were going, and her boss told her she'd win some money. That didn't happen though.

So at some point today, I need to do the following:
1. Clean bedroom
2. Laundry

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