25 April 2008

my lyrics to 'I Love It When You're Gone'

As a fun thing to do, someone challenged a group of us to write lyrics to the opposite of a song by Wilco..the original song is 'Hate It Here'

Bathroom so clean
Remote waiting for me
Tasty treats ready to eat
Knowing you won't be back anytime soon

The lawn service comes
Sheets smelling lovely
All my pretties on the shelf
No mud pieces tracked in my home

What am I going to do with all this free time?
What am I going to do when someone calls to hang out?
What will I do if you return home?
Tell me what am I gonna do?

I love it
I love it here
On my own.

I got caught with a smile
Got caught with a smile on my face
Asked why I was so happy
So happy without you in this place

I'll turn off the voice mail
I'll send out some newsletters
Thoughts of fun things to do
Places to visit and see that I haven't gone to yet

I love it here
On my own
I love it
I love it here
On my own

I keep baking treats
Having friends over, having parties each weekend
Time to read the books I hadn't read
Cause now I have free time now that I'm on my own

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