18 April 2008

I should have mentioned this before..

So last weekend I had a great day at work..on Saturday. So as per usual, we didn't have enough staff in the computer section, and so I responded to the page that they needed help. I went over to the Apple section we have and started helping a couple who were 'just looking'. They had come over from the IL store, after dropping something off to get fixed but were disappointed to find out that they didn't have an Apple section as we do. So I asked if there were any questions I could answer, or show them anything about Apples. As they had questions, I did my best to answer them and help them figure out the programs that came on the various computers as well as the ones we had in store. After about 10-15 minutes I had answered questions and talked to them and let them know I'd be around if they needed anything else since they were 'just looking' and trying to decide what computers they were hoping to buy. So I went over to help a customer in desktops and answered some of her questions before this couple came and found me again. They decided they wanted to buy 3 Mac's. One desktop and 2 laptops. OKAY! Sure let me go get those out of the back. So I walked up front and got a cart to put them on then called the Manager to come open the cage in the back, as they are the only people with those keys. So the General Manager came back and asked me which computer I needed, and I explained about the 3 they wanted. I got a high five from him and then called someone over to Computers to help the second customer I had been helping to make sure if she had more questions they would be answered since I would be a while with the couple that was going to buy the Apples. That was a good sale. A bit later I ended up helping another couple, answered questions and then let them know they could come find me or someone in computers if they decided on a computer. I wandered over to the Home Theatre section to ask one of the guys a question and that's where the couple found me to let me know they had picked a computer. So I sold 4 computers in about an hour :)

I went to tell my manager how the sales went and he was laughing and asked me did I want to change departments? I just looked at him funny, since he seemed to be joking. No, he said, I'm serious! Do you want to change to computers. Yes, I said, I would love to! So he had to talk to my supervisor, which he did the next day, and sometime within the next month or so I will be changing departments :) YAY.

And to answer questions that may be asked about it...

1. We do NOT get commission anywhere in the electronics store. So no, I don't get commission, but I'd love to see you through your sale to make sure that you have all your questions answered and don't get confused about anything.

2. I won't have to be there at 6 am anymore to put product out on the shelves!! So I'll be working normal shifts. Will be weird to show up only 1/2 hour or so before we open to work.

3. Apple computers leases a specific space in our store, where you see the black carpet. So the Apple computers are in a locked case, the managers are the only people with keys as the computers are under the licensing agreement we have.

4. Only the electronics store that are picked by Apple have the Apple computers/software/hardware in stock. Which is why you won't find Apple in EVERY store. You have to check with the individual stores.

5. I'm not sure if there is a pay difference in the computer department, and I haven't had an opportunity to ask.


Nicole said...

I hope it's a pay increase for you! It's great that they realized your talents and asked if you wanted to switch departments.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Nicole said. Don't let them dump more responsibilities on you w/out getting more coin. That is classic middle management offload.

All the same, congrats. It's always nice to be recognized for yr. efforts.

S. Amou