21 April 2008


I'm watching random shows, and still being lazy when I find a show on MTV called True Life. I click to see the info and it reminds me of something that happened when I worked at the bookstore. I think this is something that happened around pre-Christmas not this year but last year.

I was at the front register alphabezing a cart of books. Generally we try to go through the majority of the store doing this. Cart by cart, section by section. I enjoyed doing it mostly, because it was pretty easy and it filled the time spent at the register when there weren't customers to ring up. Anyway, a guy came up to talk to me, he was a semi-regular customer, who had started to talk to me when he came in. Anyway, that night, he started talking to me about dating, not dating me, just dating in general. So of course I went on to say that I don't date, I don't really want to get married, at least not now, and to me, dating is the intention to marry, to find someone you want to marry. So then he told me he was seeing a woman, a bit older then himself, who had kids. Okay, well, that's interesting. He asked me if I had ever been FWB. He actually said 'FWB' not any words, just said the letters. I, in all seriousness, replied, 'I'm sorry but I really have no clue of what FWB is. So what is it.' To which he replied, 'oh that's Friends with Benefits'. Oh heavens. Now I'm sorry but I actually value myself enough to not EVER do something like that. I dunno, maybe it's because I believe in God, and am pretty sure God doesn't have anything like that in the Bible. Yup, pretty sure. So, we went on to talk about how I felt about it, how no, there was no way I would ever, and I'm sure I tried to sound non-chalant instead of completely shocked that someone would even suggest such a thing to me. Now I'm not sure how long we talked, but that was the big part of the conversation.

And of course later on, when we were closing, everyone was over in 2 areas of the store together, edging all the books forward on the shelves as well as pushing the books together to look nice, Maria and I were in Religion and I was telling her the story, which of course was funny by this point, and then as everyone who was in Psychology moved over to Religion I re-told the story. The story grew pretty funny, and although it was completely embarrassing, I think some of those who I worked with were almost more embarrassed then I was. But it was funny to poll everyone at the beginning of the re-telling, to see if anyone else knew what 'FWB' stood for. And yes, most of them had no idea, as I did, of what FWB could stand for, although they had some fun guesses.

Anyway, just a random story from seeing True Life have an episode of 'I have a Friends with Benefits'.

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