23 April 2008

Alternate transportation

Yesterday it was so lovely out, well after the brief rainstorm we had in the morning, that I had aspirations of coming home and locating my brothers bike. So when I got home, I changed clothes and went on a mission to locate the bike. Luckily it was still in the barn I thought it was in. It was more a matter of getting it out from behind a bunch of containers, and then taking it over and rinsing it off with the hose before getting a towel out with soap on it and really rubbing the bike down to see what colors it was again. Oh yes its a blue and black mountain bike. YAY for mountain bikes. After which I had to take the measurements from the tires/tubes so that I could go buy new ones. The old ones were cracked and rotting so off to the local Wal-Mart to replace those. Not a fan of Wal-Mart, but when it's only 15 minutes away vs. 30 minutes away to a bike store I chose closer. Came home and messed about with taping the inside of the rims up so that the metal screws wouldn't puncture the tubes. After that I waited for my dad to be done working so he could grease all that needed to be greased, such as ball bearings, chains, etc. We managed to get the tires onto the bike rims and aired them up. It was exciting to get the bike all put back together and took it for a test drive. The test drive on the road out front about wore me out. Obviously my legs are lacking for enough exercise. Anyway, now I'm all set to have something to do outside other then sitting in a chair using wireless internet as I did for a bit yesterday.


Heather said...

It's been so long since I've ridden a bike, I think I'd fall over immediately.

shot in the arm said...

I had problems turning around in our driveway..I thought I was going to fall over! But that's the only problem I've had on it.