12 March 2008

Working Overtime to Catch a Killer (the headline from Southtown Star)

Yes I was gone all day. Any guesses where?


I'm exhausted from all this travelling. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry. We were there from 11:15 to 4 pm when it closed. We didn't even see the whole museum either! Then we went to IKEA in Bolingbrook because we've never been to that location. It was smaller! It is organised differently as well but we found what we were looking for and started making a list of items to buy over the next year. We ate at the Cracker Barrel on the way home, her choice, and I wanted to have dessert but he brought us the check before we finished our meal even and didn't ask if we wanted any, so I didn't get anything. Our drive home went quickly which is great. I should get to bed since I am working the next 3 days!!

Oh and I started Change of Heart today by Jodi Picoult and recommend it to everyone. It's awesome! I'm so excited to be reading it finally!

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