02 March 2008

A trip to warmer climates

So after a week delay we were able to get our trip taken to St. Louis on Friday, Leap Day. YAY for road trips. Have to admit this is the first one in a few years I haven't driven on. YAY for not having to drive. I was able to read the paper, a magazine, and part of a book on the way down. I took only a few photos, because anything I would have taken photos of in the 2 museums we went to was strictly off limits for photos. I knew that ahead of time. But alas, I was finally able to see Body Worlds #3. So now I have seen #1 and #3. You may wonder why I'd want to see more then one, well each exhibit has different bodies doing different things, this one had a man holding a spear, a woman and man doing a gymnastics move, there was a dancer, a man upside down on a trapeze..let's see, there were a lot to remember. They also had body parts, healthy and not so healthy. It was neat to see the things they talk about on ER and Gray's Anatomy. I saw a corroded artery (sp?), and a few other things I can't remember names of. On the other side of the beautiful park was the History Museum. We saw the Lindbergh exhibit, then the 1904 World's Fair which held particular interest for me since I was once in the play Meet Me In St. Louis in high school. There was so much to see, we didn't finish in the 2 hours we had before the museum closed. We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, which was excellent. The salad was a bit..boring, no onions, not a lot of croutons, no radishes or anything really. I even ordered dessert which I ended up bringing a bit of home with me. It was a lovely chocolate cake.

I want to go down again, maybe on the train, although getting to Lamberts would be a problem. Funny enough, we didn't spot a Borders anywhere. Funny since there supposed to be a number of them around. I also want to get my photo taken at the Casino Queen for fun. Course, I also want to go when it's nice out, and be able to walk around and maybe go up in the Arch.

Anyway, here are the few photos...sorry about the darkness it was lighter out but doesn't look that way. I need another facial position when I take self portraits. :)

In other news, work has been going okay. I keep working crazy hours. The past two weeks I have worked Monday through Thursday and then been off on Friday so I can travel. This week is another of the same. It's also messing with my sleep schedule. I keep taking naps and that of course doesn't help to get me to sleep at a decent time. This Friday I'm off to a friends house for the weekend, as well as another Wilco concert. My friend has a whole room dedicated to scrapbooking, so I need to dig all my stuff out to take with me. I'm not even sure what needs to be done at this point. It's been a while since I sat and did any.


Sonny Amou said...

I see a collage in the making, where you make the same facial expression in front of other national landmarks. Kinda like what A.Tautou did with the gnome in _Amelie_.

shot in the arm said...

OO what an idea. I have a bunch of those same expression photos from this past summer in Germany/Ireland, etc. I will have to look through them and find them. ;)

Nicole said...

You need to look into the travel blog I posted on my site - where you can get $10 for posting what you already did on yours!

In the meantime, I've tagged you at http://sahmtoo.blogspot.com/2008/03/update-on-posts-plus-tag-of-useless.html but if tag isn't your thing, just post a note on my blog and I'll untag you! :)