18 March 2008

My latest trip to Chi-town

So after getting home from my trip to Chicago on Wednesday I had to pack up a few clothes for our trip on Sunday-Monday. I have finally started reading Jodi Picoult's new book Change of Heart so I took that along and read quite a lot of it. It was hard to put down during the trip to be honest. In fact, every time we got in the car I read a few more pages.
We drove into downtown and parked and then went to Potbelly Sandwich Works. I had a spicy type of sandwich which was lovely, some chili and a fanta orange. Yum! We went to a specialty chocolate shop across the street and each got a free sample!

Above is me in the car on the left tearing our tickets apart to take a photo of them, but my brother's wife still hasn't given me that photo. And then my mom about to sample her chocolate.

Afterwards we went to Millenium Park to walk around and see the Bean, which I had not seen since it was covered before they presented it. We were able to see the ice skating rink set up on the edge of the park as well as some really neat metal sculptures and 2 huge glass block walls that had video images of human faces on projecting through the blocks. The faces actually moved, eyes blinked, noses twiched, etc. I bet it took a while to video those faces for it.

After our viewing of ice skaters once again we walked back over to the Oriental Theatre to see Wicked! I'll have to add photos of that part soon. It was a great show! We were 2nd row in the balcony which is perfect because there are things to see above the stage and at the sides and I
probably would have killed my neck trying to see it all from the floor seats.

The next two photos are when we went to a restaurant locally with my parents, grandmother, brother and his wife. Andrew and I ended up in the very back seat of the car and his wife took those 2 photos :)

So my next few days is full of Wilco-ness. There are a few pre-sales going on for a bunch of shows they have decided to do in May. Lucky for me there are 2 in St. Louis at the Pageant for around $29 each. So I'm hoping to get a ticket for each night. Pre-sales rock so hopefully I can get what I want :)

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