21 March 2008

Museum Fact Checking

I know I mentioned my recent trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, what I forgot to mention was I noticed 2 incorrect listings for items while there.

1st: Walking through a hallway, after the scale boat exhibit, we saw some different cars, Model T's, and other ones from different time periods, and yes this exhibit is in the middle of being moved around. We came across a car, it was in a race in Belfast.

Now, I have traveled overseas a lot in the past few years, and quite frequently go to Belfast, so I was surprised to see the listing incorrect. They listed the car as having being raced in Belfast, Ireland.

Soooo...we can deduct that someone apparently isn't up to date on the fact that there are A. 2 Separate countries on the one island, Northern Ireland, where people will call themselves the 'British Irish' and Ireland, where you are a 'true Irish'. Soo...Belfast is actually a 'city' in Northern Ireland. I mention it's a city because in Northern Ireland the Queen tells you if you are a city or not. And there are only about 5 'cities' in Northern Ireland.

And B. That actually there has been quite a LOT of fighting in the past to end up with this separation of 2 countries. And no Northern Ireland is not Protestant while Ireland is Catholic, there are both sides in both countries.

Oh and C. They use different currency, have different governments and generally signs in Ireland are also in Gaelic, which is not pronounced 'Gay-lick' but 'Gwe-la-ga' (if I remember correctly).

The other incorrect item I found was while we were wandering along through the U-505 Submarine exhibit, which was a German submarine that the US commandeered at some point in WWII I believe ( I could totally be wrong on this part...so I apologize in advance). Anyway, they had a $50 savings bond and underneath where they give you a description of items, they list it as a $20 savings bond. Yes I know you buy savings bonds at different prices then the actual amount shown on them, because they come into value, but were they referring to how much it was bought for or was it an actual mistake in the number? There was no explanation about how much it was bought for, it only stated that it was a $20 US Savings Bond from (insert year here).

If you are a history buff please feel free to explain anything at will. I did email the museum upon my return home, and received an email back today saying they had forwarded my email to the Manager in charge of Exhibits, so we'll see what comes of that.

Anyone else ever found mistakes? I'm interested in hearing about it!

*edit: Thanks Ruthie!! I couldn't remember all the names!

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ruthEbabes said...

Just spotted a mistake in your post......

There are 5 cities in NI: Armagh, Belfast, Londonderry, Lisburn and Newry