21 March 2008

Learning to be free

After working in a job for 2 years I have finally gotten to where I enjoy being free. I love my many jobs, I love that I can take time off for my random road trips, and I especially love that I'm not in too much debt and that I can go see concerts as many times as I have recently even though its the same band. And yes, earlier, well Friday night I was able to get my Fri night ticket for the Wilco show in St. Louis..so now I am going 2 nights in a row..on my own...and am thrilled to bits about it. I'm excited to meet some more new people and go back to St. Louis and hopefully see a bit more of the city that I haven't had the opportunity to see before.

This weekend is Easter...and it hasn't really hit me yet that it's really time to celebrate something awesome. But hopefully I can get to that point tomorrow when I go to church after nearly 2 months away (all my trips remember?) and see my friend Maria and her husband.

A lot of things have changed...I'm no longer a youth group leader, I'm not planning a trip to Northern Ireland this summer, I have a car that I have been waiting to get since high school and I actually am making time to be with friends and have fun. Plus, my jobs are so unconventional that it seems like I'm cheating because I keep taking my road trips willy nilly whenever I want to.

I bring this up because my brothers' wife was trying to convince me the other day that marriage is wonderful and kids would be exciting to have. Why is this a norm for everyone...to think that if you are happily living life that you miss out on something. I don't think I'm missing out on anything. Life would only be better if I owned a small cottage somewhere quiet and was able to ride the train or bus or walk to work each day instead of having to drive.

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