06 March 2008

In which I tell you what books you should check out

So I finally got around to listening to the audio book set of The Spiderwick Chronicles. (I would have bought the books but the audio book set came in all together and was only about 1/3 of the price of all the books separately. Anyway, my friend Sarah and I have been seeing a number of movies lately, among them Golden Compass, during which there was a preview of The Spiderwick Chronicles. So after the movie we went over to Borders and I bought the QP boxed set of Golden Compass books (trilogy) and The Spiderwick Chronicles audio book set. It has taken me ages to listen to the set as I have been listening to Wilco live from recent concerts quite often. So yesterday I started listening and have fallen in love with the books. Tonight I was so enamored that I went to Borders to look through the books for the illustrations as well as the Field Guide which is mentioned in the books. It helped me visualize the characters since there are Sprites, and various other imagined creatures. I am so excited to see the movie now, and I am only through the first 2 books out of 5 but they are intermediate readers books found in the Sci Fi/Fantasy area of children's so they are small books. Honestly I recommend this set for you AND for your kids. It's probably the best set of books for you to read at bedtime and enjoy yourself. I am so excited please check it out! If you want a copy of the audio books let me know and we can arrange it!

Second, as mentioned above, His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman. The first book is The Golden Compass. There are 3 books in this series and can be found both in Young Adult, as well as the Intermediate Readers section in Children's. They come in hardcover, softcover, audio and you can even get them all in one book. After seeing the first book in movie form I am quite excited to read them but haven't as of yet, found the time. They are hopefully making more movies in this series, since according to my friend Sarah, they have actually left out a bit at the end of book one, perhaps in order to create another movie?

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult is a book I bought tonight, thanks to my Borders Rewards coupon of 40% off, after the book came out on Tuesday, finally I got the coupon today. I LOVE her books. They really get you thinking, and considering new avenues of things you were possibly a bit close minded to before. That's not to offend you, but I find her books really open you up to thinking from other points of view. Check out ANY of her books and you will see why. I recommend starting at her earliest books as there is a character or two who will appear in a few of her books. I met her last March when she was in Cedar Rapids, IA and it was then that she read aloud a chapter of this new book. So my main recommend here is that before you read the first book, you close your eyes and take a deep breath, and remember that you should have an open heart/mind to what you are going to read. You may need tissues. Just a warning there!

If you love more imaginative books and looking for something a bit different check out my OTHER favorite author. She is Irish and her dad is the Taoiseach of Ireland. Basically it means he is the Prime Minister of Ireland. Her name is Cecilia Ahern and you may or may not have seen the movie P.S. I Love You which is based on her book of the same title. If you've seen the movie I'd recommend you reading her book still because it is of course a bit different then the movie. I admit to loving her books more then what any movie could do for them. I love reading her books because they are a bit different, a bit whimsical and a definite way to cheer yourself up while having a relaxing reading time. The series Samantha Who is also based on something she wrote, although I don't believe it's from any of her wonderful books. Anyway, she is someone I always recommend to women who are looking for something a bit different to read. I have to be honest here and say I absolutely adore British/Irish authors as their books tend to have wonderful romances but more of a gentler way of including romantic scenes. They tend to allude to all nighters, etc without saying much more then, they went inside together and then go right to the next morning. I love those type of books but I'm a purist and would rather enjoy a story. Read all of her books, in any order at any time!

A few other British authors to recommend here: Jill Mansell for fun stories and Belinda Jones for traveling stories as well as Wendy Holden, Katie Fforde, and Harriet Evans. Check them all out. I pick up their books wherever I can, although it tends to be in one of the many airports in the UK when I travel there. They are able to be found here in the states although you may have to order them.

If you are looking for series mysteries try Janet Evanovich's newer series with the 2 books currently out, Metro Girl and Motor Mouth. She has some romances re-released now from when she was starting out as well as her popular Stephanie Plum novels in which she has numbered titled books from 1 to 13 currently out with 14 coming out shortly. The titles are cute and she has contests in order to name them.

Do you have suggestions of books/authors you enjoy? I love my local Borders (ok I admit I used to work there..and have a slight obsession with books so I'm often there) as well as my local libraries that we seem to have quite a number of new ones popping up around here. So...share share share your ideas!

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Sonny Amou said...

Hey there,

One book I always recommend is Maugham's The Razor's Edge. It's really clever, with a lot of philosophy.

You could also do well to read anything by Raymond Carver (sorry, UI alumnus here), I always recommend Cathedral, one of his later short story collections.

And anything by Anne Tyler. If you can find a copy of Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, you might want to check that out.