11 March 2008

How can I get closer and be further away

So once again I hit the road and headed up to Des Moines to see my friend Mollie and her husband for the weekend. We watched Becoming Jane on Friday night and Batman Forever on Saturday. We went scrapbooking crazy and I was able to complete around 20 pages and start a few more that I need to print out photos for. I also need to buy a few more scrapbooks to put them in now! At least I'm getting caught up finally. We had a lot of fun and ate some good home cooking! On Sunday night I headed over to the Val Air Ballroom (really amazing venue) to see Wilco, yup again! I was pretty close up front and made a new friend. The band was amazing and you could tell they were pumped about the show. I'm pretty sure they played at least 2 extra songs, because I have their playlist that the sound guy was kind enough to give me after the show, and not all the songs they did are listed. It seemed as though they just kept playing even when I thought for sure the show would be over. I didn't take photos but now I'm wishing I had. Hopefully someone recorded it. When I got back to Mollies we ate rice krispy treats...right out of the pan fresh from being heated up. YUM! I have come to realize that Des Moines has a good amount of scrapbooking stores to choose from and we have nothing here.

I haven't unpacked because I came home yesterday for 5 minutes and then left after dumping my stuff out in my room. I really should get on top of that but my head hurts and I don't care.

So what is tomorrow you may ask. Tomorrow is a trip to Chicago. Yup, 2nd one in a month. And on Sunday I'm going again, with different people and we are staying overnight. I'm going to be pretty tripped out by the time Tuesday rolls around.

Check out the song 'Reservation' by Wilco and then check out the Nels Cline Singers, they are an amazing jazz band!

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