20 March 2008

Begging the question...

How many Wilco shows have I been to....

My answer is:

1st time: Last June 1st show of their Sky Blue Sky Tour in Davenport (2nd row, not GA)
2nd time: 2nd Night of the Residency in Chicago 16 Feb (4th people row right side, GA)
3rd time: Supposed to be last show of SBS Tour in Des Moines, 9 March (5th then 3rd people row middle/right side in front of Pat, GA)

I bought a ticket to see Nels Cline Singers (Nels is in Wilco) before the 3rd Wilco show (and when I figured I wouldn't see Wilco for ages since Des Moines was the last show of the USA SBS Tour, for when Nels is in Chicago in 3rd June.

Wednesday I bought a ticket for what I hope will be show #5 (they added a few more shows to be played in May) I'm hoping to get a ticket tonight for show #4...It's a 2 night run in St. Louis on 15 & 16 May.

I have been hoping to see the Swell Season and the New Pornographers but my fondness of Wilco keeps getting in the way of that. Basically I will go anywhere within about 6 hours of my home to see good bands..namely Wilco.

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