05 February 2008

What is today?

IT'S MY 29th BIRTHDAY! YAY only one year til our trip to Vegas :) I will be posting photos later? or tomorrow of what I did today!

Update: Well I didn't take photos, I sort of forget to take the camera with me.

K and I went to the bookstore and saw S and I made plans with people to have dinner tonight (Wednesday, although that got postponed due to the snowstorm) and then we went for chineese buffet YUM! and then we went and got ice cream (with my birthday coupon) then we went back to her house and played dominoes and made s'mores. Then I went to work which was boring as there were not a lot of customers in. So I did a lot of work in the warehouse and brought products out onto the floor from the shipment that had just arrived. Then back to K's house for the night where we watched Uptown Girls. I hadn't seen it but it was pretty funny! Then sleep. Today was hanging out until K went to work. So I went over there too to see people and then ended up having lunch with 2 of the ladies. We had a great time. They are funny and sarcastic and they sure have a lot of stories! It was a great birthday :)


ruthEbabes said...

I just had a reminder on my calendar that it's your birthday today so I came here to surprise you that I'd "remembered" (lol) but you've beat me to it!!!

Can't believe you're 29! Happy birthday!!!!

Nicole said...

Happy belated birthday! Didn't realize it had been so long since I had been back to your blog! Shame on me!

Hope you had a great day!

shot in the arm said...

Thanks for the greetings :)