19 February 2008

Weekend Update

The title made me remember Saturday Night Live.

Anyway...Saturday was us driving to Chicago, and checking into our hotel early and then walking on a windy day about 10 blocks to RJ Grunts. YUM good food! After that we learned the bus system and how it always costs $2.00 no matter where you go which is completely random but okay? We walked around downtown and got popcorn at Garret's. After walking around for a few hours we headed back to hotel via bus. Then we changed and went to Panera for sandwiches, got on another bus and went to the Riviera for the show. We got there and the line was already headed inside which was great, and we had the joy of being body patted down...erm body searched? Luckily we managed to get right up there 3rd standing row of people near the front. I took a load of photos and posted them on flickr. The show...well it rocked. It was the best show I've been to. Tweedy was hilarious and made fun of us. Plus because we forgot ear plugs, I had a headache the next day and my friend felt like her ear needed to be popped. All in all a great time! Plus I've already downloaded both Friday and Saturdays shows. Just waiting for the Monday and Tuesday to be posted now.

Sunday we got up at a somewhat early time..9:30, got ready, had breakfast at the hotel and then left going to Laurie's Planet of Sound on a friends recommendation and found the newest Nels Cline Singers cd :) Then on to Schaumberg to IKEA where we picked out a couch for the future and picked up 2 Poang Chairs.

This one is mine...and S got the same one only with the cushion in red, same style. We went to Woodfield and ate at PF Changs..YUM..the chicken i had in my dish was so tender! Then we drove home, oh and we found it funny that we went to Chicago...yes the WINDY City and yet on Sunday it was 49 degrees. Anyway, we drove home with a little bit of rain and a little bit of snow. Sunday night I set up my chair and it only took 15 minutes to assemble. So I'm officially more in love with IKEA products now then I was before.

Monday was working from 6 to noon at BBY, thrilling as all get out. Today was only 6 to 10 so I went and worked for George, finishing up his last years books and starting on Jan/Feb of this year. Plowed through a good deal of it too, I don't think I left much to do so that means no working for him for another few weeks.

Tonight was a lovely night of Wilco live in concert on WXRT so I basically got a whole concert for free :) Oh and K and I planned our trip to St. Louis on Friday. Hopefully that will work out okay if it doesn't snow/ice here. We are going to see the Body Works #3. I saw #1 a few years ago and am really excited to share it with her. I'm so anal..yup I admit it, we picked out where we wanted to go and the 2 restaurants we are going to eat at a week ago! I'm glad K is driving this time, I always drive everywhere cause I have a bigger car and we can fit lots of shopping in it, but we aren't going to shop so no need for a big car. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself. I guess I'll read something?! We'll see. Later gators!


Sonny Amou said...

Love the General's Tzu's Spicy Chicken at Changs...oh man that takes me back.

shot in the arm said...

Actually thank you thats the one I had I just couldn't remember the name of the dish. YUM!

Michele said...

I think I'm the only person in the world who has not gone to an IKEA yet. We considered going yesterday but ran out of time. Maybe next Sunday.

I love Chicago by the way. Glad you guys had a nice trip.

Mel said...

Oh you really should plan a day to go. It will probably involve a few hours of wandering around. My friend and I have devised a plan of going to the very top and working our way around and then down.

Thanks! Depending on weather there are a lot of trips coming up...goodbye money!

Sonny Amou said...

Hey I just noticed you linked my blog. Thanks! I'll do the same. You're in Illinois, right?


shot in the arm said...

Yes I am..I'm actually nearly on the Illinois/Iowa border..I work over in Iowa it's that close to where I am. So I cross the Mississippi everyday nearly. It's always funny to tell people I live in the only place the River goes East to West instead of North to South. I wish I lived on the West Coast though, I am really really tired of our weather, although this past weekend was the first in 9 weekends we didn't have snow or ice storms. Thanks for linking me.