25 February 2008

Trying new things

So it's been a few days since my last post and I was trying to think of something to write about. I finally have something.

I'm all about trying new things and trying not to say something is good/bad til I have done so because that's not fair (unless it's something weird like tattoos cause I won't try that..lol). So after a few weeks of my friend Karen saying we should go to one of the boats to go gambling I finally gave in on Saturday night and we went to the only non-smoking one here. We went and waited for our friend Bez. It was definitely an experience. I have to say I was on sensory overload. We only did penny and then 5 cent machines. The first ones we sat down at confused me because there were far too many images and I had no idea why I was winning or losing. We switched and I managed to get up to just over $15.00 from around $1.45 or so. Mind you I had only started out with $5 and that was the only amount I spent total. After 4 or 5 different machines (we moved around every so often) I ended up with .02. So I printed out a voucher for it and kept it as a souvenir. Now that I've tried it I don't think it's for me...but I have now discovered a place with cheap drinks. Good to know that since they are getting your money all the other ways they only charge about $1.25 for a rum and coke. lol. We went out afterwards and met up with our friend Sarah since she had just gotten off work and had a good time talking. Anyone else have experiences with gambling? How did you find it?

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Christina said...

I really don't enjoy gambling that much. One of the few times I've gone, I lost a few hundred dollars in a day - I felt guilty about all the shoes I couldn't save from the store shelves because of the money I wasted on the boat! hehehe... :-)