15 February 2008

on the way to Wilcoworld

So I'm just about to pack and with the knowledge of an impending freezing rain storm tomorrow night I've already decided we may end up staying there Sunday night as well. Which means a bit more money will be required for this trip. I still have a few newspapers to read that are sitting here and to actually pick out clothing for this trip. I should be going to bed in 1/2 hour but we'll see how quick I am at packing.

I babysat last night for a family with 2 kids, they were really fun. I had only met the son once before and never met the daughter. We looked at the valentines they had received at school then we went upstairs and the little boy had a train set. It's the really nice plastic set that snaps together. The remotes are hand helds that you can carry around as they aren't plugged in. I can't remember the name of it! Anyway, I'd totally buy the set, because you can add lots more parts onto it.

Okay I better pack! Have a great cold weekend!

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