12 February 2008

It's a Wilcoworld in my head

So after working til 10 am today..which is my normal wee shift I headed over to the bookstore and sat in the cafe til sometime after 2 pm. I read 3 newspapers, drank a load of hot tea and finally finished the book about Wilco I have been reading for 2 or 3 weeks now. I think I read about 5 chapters and then while listening to the music on my iPod while reading the newspapers I had to keep going back and looking information up about the songs. It was fun! I am pretty sure that I should just buy the book, if only I could make the first 5 chapters better. Anyway, I finally gave b his Wilco book back and left the store. It was like culture shock going out into the snowy day. I was really hungry and had my free meal coupon from a local restaurant that I had to use so I went over there and had a nice quiet lunch.

I'm tired of snow..anytime sunny weather wants to stop in I will be majorly happy. Oh and yesterday I caught a cold. So now I'm back to sore throat and runny nose fun times.

Definately have a listen to Wilco's A Ghost is Born album. Awesome songs on there. Oh and always listen to your Wilco albums in order of song because Tweedy set them up in a specific order :)

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