03 February 2008

Birthday fun

So last night I had 2 of my friends over and we celebrated 2 of our birthdays. It was a pretty fun night. We made salad, spaghetti, garlic bread and had a few different desserts.

After we ate we played Trash Train for a few hours. I even brought my laptop down and played music on iTunes as well as downloading a bunch of music onto my friends new iPod.

We exchanged cards which was hilarious they had some really funny lines in them :) and drank a good deal of alcohol. More then I've ever drank but no hangovers here! WOOO That's just how awesome we are. I have to say we had great conversation and it was probably the best way to spend my pre-birthday time :) Definitely a time to be thankful for!

My song recommendation today is The Beatles- anything from their White Album

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