13 January 2008

Trivia is fun!

Today I went to : church where I met R's sister and Constance and Savannah and had a wee chat with them, had lunch with Kathy at Noodles which lasted about 2 hours, went tothe electronics store and bought a thing for my laptop and some blank cd's as well as buying an iHome and digi voice recorder for sarah, went to the bookstore to drop off and exchange for money, went to HyVee to ship something that i didnt have an envelope for, went back to the bookstore to give S $13 change i owed her, went and washed my car :) ...tried to get oil change but the place had run out of my oil filter before i arrived, went to LeClaire to see Kathy since I had 4 hours to kill til I was going to have pizza with people from the electronics store, hung out for ages, went to a place in Bettendorf to eat pizza, and we played trivia. Unfortunately I didn't score high enough out of the 3 rounds to win a Nintendo DS...totally a bummer! We were there til around 11 pm and we had a great time.

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