22 June 2007

Traveling around

Well I was able to go on the Wheel in Manchester. It was fun! I took a bunch of photos but i haven't had time to sit and upload any of them. It was a 12 minute long ride and you could see a good portion of the city. It's not as large as the London wheel but it was still fun!

Today we went to the boys kindergarten, its not that long of a walk there. Then Dorrie and I went to a huge store that was similiar to Wal Mart. It was fun to walk around and read all the lables on things. I looked through their book section and tried to translate titles but I couldn't remember them all. I should have taken my camera so I could take a photo of their bestsellers. I found the Dangerous Book for Boys mini size at Manchester airport and took a photo of it. :) I've decided it was good to have a long layover yesterday so I could walk around town because today I woke up at 6 as though it were time to go to work. After getting the boys from kindergarten we took them to Lidl to buy a few books that were english/german. They are childrens books. Right now its raining and I'm not sure what else we will be doing today. The area is really pretty and its the end of the Asparagus season. They grow white asparagus here mostly I guess.

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